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openquoteWe went to see work Brendan had done for other people and were very impressed. We ended up doing a major remodel of the house and Brendan’s work in the kitchen was a big part of it. We went from having a tiny kitchen to a spacious one where we can entertain and cook. Foothill Cabinetworks was not the least expensive to give us a quote, but clearly Brendan provided so much more value for the dollars spent. We couldn't have been happier.

We never had a single problem during the project. That’s a pretty incredible statement to be able to make. I worked for a contractor myself for over 30 years so I know that a project where there was not a single problem is very unusual. When he said he would be there, he was, and the attention to detail and quality of the work was amazing. Everything fit absolutely perfectly. Here’s the best compliment of all - we have a lot of contractors come through here, and they all remark that the work that Foothill did is some of the best they’ve ever seen.

He has a computer program where you can see what things will look like beforehand. Brendan is very helpful. We used it a lot. I recommend Brendan very highly, his work speaks for itself. I think if people can only see it for themselves they will understand what they can have in their own home.

spacerAngie Mol


openquoteBrendan is incredible, he's an artist, a true craftsman. I'm from New York and I guess I'm a bit of snob when it comes to workmanship! We came out here a few years ago and were looking for the kind of work we had done on Long Island, and it was difficult to find. Then Brendan was recommended to us. Brendan was it! The people working for him also were fantastic.

What we had done was our kitchen cabinets, counter tops, and beautiful crown moldings that match the cabinets. Brendan did the design, he made these amazing corner drawers, I love using them every day. Just beautiful design, fit and finish down to the last detail.

One thing that stands out in my mind is his total honesty. There was a certain thing that didn't come out quite as expected, and he immediately said, ‘I'll redo it.’ But actually, the way it came out was even better than the original plan, we worked so well together, my husband and I and Brendan, and it turned out just wonderful.

He became like family, and yet was so professional all the time.

I can't rave enough about him. It's beyond a recommendation I would just say to people, come see my kitchen!closequote

spacer Vita Banks


openquoteThe service provided by Foothill is just great. When we started out with him, we had already picked out the color for the kitchen cabinets. Brendan pointed out the color was too close to that of the floor, we were so glad he brought that to our attention, and we changed it to something else.

It was such a good process with Brendan, making changes in the design. He designed the cabinets at all different heights, which looks spectacular. He did the total design, I didn't realize that a cabinet maker had so much to contribute in the design. In Brendan's case at least, this is true. He is also a true perfectionist, very demanding in terms of his own standard of workmanship.

From time to time he brings one of his classes from the college over to see all this, we're glad to have him do it, we recommend him so highly.closequote

spacer Rich Stockard


openquoteBrendan did a refacing of my kitchen cabinets. This included cabinet doors, drawers, moldings, and design of it all. They're somewhat decorative. Frankly, I can't believe how good it looks. It's just beautiful. I was referred to Brendan by West Coast Floors, we talked, and he sent me pictures.

Watching them work, I couldn't get over the way the two of them went over and over everything, to get everything just perfect and smooth, sanding and feeling, sanding some more. I told him, I had no idea so much work went into it. He smiled and said not everyone may take that much time with it. They are very particular about what they do. It has to be right, and they don't stop until it is right.

Now my kitchen truly looks like a work of art. I don't think anyone could walk in here and know it was refacing and not custom cabinets. I still just stand there and look at it. I'm almost afraid of it, it's so beautiful! Still getting used to it. I highly recommend Foothill Cabinetworks, very much so.closequote

spacer Pat Shoemake